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When I was 4 years old, I was fascinated by the sound of Ding Ding Dong from the drum room as if it had magic power. Since then, I fell in love with this giant toy. In the process of

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Hello everyone, my name is Wang Yifei, and my nickname is spring. Enthusiasm is my advantage. I’m born to like skipping. Drumming is my favorite. Hip hop is also my duty. I hope you like me!

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Zhene is a 9 year old drummer from New Zealand
She started playing drums on empty boxes listening to bands like RHCP and John Butler trio. Her parents finally managed to put together some money to buy her an E-kit

New Zealand
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I am 9 years old and started to play drums when I was 7. My mom plays piano and my dad plays guitar. I wanted to play electro-guitar but 2 years ago teachers told me that my fingers were too

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Yu Takagi, 8yrs old Japanese girl, born in 2012.

Started Drumming 2yrs and 6months back, when she was 6yrs old. One day, when we watched Live DVD of “Red Hot Chili Peppers”, she said suddenly, “Mom!! I know how Chad

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Hi my name is Wanzhi and I am 11 years old. I started drumming when I was 9, because I thought it looked very fun, and I was right. I also thought it was a unique instrument because a lot

United States
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My name is Victoria, I’m 7 years old, I’m from Mexico but my family and I moved to Seattle 1 year ago. I’ve being interested on drums almost since I was a a baby, I started taking lessons at the

United States
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Trinley is 10 years old has been playing the drums for 3 years now. She also plays piano and mandolin, but Drums are her favorite. She wants to be a professional drummer someday and enjoys sitting and drumming to songs

United States
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