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Hey I’m Ebony and I have been drumming for 3 years 🙂

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Hi, My name is Deborah, i’m 13 years old. I have more than two years playing the drums. I start to play this instrument when i was trying to find my true passion in music. My mother Jhael Treviño give
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Hi! I’m a drummer from the Philippines, I’m a newbie I started playing drums last May 2020. My dad is a drummer in his teenage years, and I was inspired to play the drum instrument too.

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Just started to play drums a few weeks ago. This my first song on drums.

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2006 yılında doğdum. müzisyen olan dayılarım sayesinde çok küçük yaşlarda davulla ilginmeye başladım.

I was born in 2006. Thanks to my uncles, who are musicians, I started to be interested in drums at a very young age.

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Caileigh Hiten, 14 years old, was born on February 17th 2007 in Vienna, Austria, and moved to Santiago de Chile a few months later. Caileigh is a happy, expressive, well rounded individual with a sharp intellect, strong leadership skills and

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Hello there. My name is Caelah Garlejo, I’m 13 years old and I’ve been playing the drums for a little over a year. I started playing the snare drum in 6th grade for my school band, then later commenced to

United States
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Hey! I’m BB Mitchem and I’m sixteen years old. I’m from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I attend North River Christian Academy and I’m in the 11th grade. I have been playing drums for four years. I began my drum journey when I

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