Zeynep Gerelioglu


Teacher/School: Burak Burhan

Hi, my name is Zeynep (but everyone calls me Zuzu) and I am 11 years old. This year is my third year in HLAG Contest and I am really proud of being a part of this organisation. I always liked playing drums but thanks to HLAG, now I also like to be liked by others while playing drums. Last year, one of my tennis coaches watched my video and offered me to play together (he plays bass guitar). Then we put together a music band with two of my coaches (one plays bass and the other plays electro guitar) and started to play in the events of our tennis club. Our band’s name is Patlak Raketler (which is a tennis term meaning tennis racquets with broken strings in Turkish) and our tennis club is the only club in Turkey which has its own music group. 😊 Drumming gives me the chance to become one and the only in the city where I live; but HLAG shows me there are lots of Zuzus drumming all around the World. I both like two: being one and the only and being a part of something bigger and international.

Thank you.



  1. hlag on March 31, 2023 at 3:37 pm

    Tekrar hoş geldin Zuzu. Gelişiminizi görmek çok güzel. İyi şanlar!

  2. Sara Valeria Sara Valeria on April 3, 2023 at 6:12 pm

    Really nice video! Congratulations Zeynep!! <3

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