Xiomara Cano Bibiano


Teacher/School: conservatorio de música del estado de México

My journey in music started when i was 8 years old, I enjoyed listening to classical music and I got into a music academy for violin classes, I became part of a kids music ensamble, this exposed me to a new environment and I got instantly attracted to the powerful sound of drums, behind the kit there was a girl, I remember thinking she was extremely cool and I wanted to be just as her, without she never knowing she defined my life path. I started to learning drums at the age of 13 and a couple years later I got accepted into a music conservatory (Conservatorio de música del estado de México) I studdied there for 4 years and graduated as a jazz drummer, I’ve played with small artists and for a period of time I played with the town hall jazz band which was meant to bring jazz music into public space I was also a teacher on a private school and I’ve teached drums to kids from elementary school to high school I also took a diploma for music production and music technology. This journey has been thrilling for me, drumming has taught me life lessons like the importance of disipline and that working with people can create something beautiful When I look back I just wish I can thank for all the people that have helped to to get here and also to that little girl who was my first inspiration, I think I became as cool as her and now I wish I can inspire others the way she did.


  1. Luvina Bibiano Luvina Bibiano on April 14, 2023 at 5:32 am

    Me encanta su técnica, denota una gran sensibilidad musical.

  2. Riley on May 24, 2023 at 4:40 pm

    Hi Xiomara!

    Your Contest Entry is wonderfully done! I bet if every musician in the world saw your video, they’d be so proud and impressed 😎

    I also wanted to ask, do you have an Instagram or Twitter account? I would like to give my support to you in the future! 😃

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