Whitney McNicol

United States

My name is Whitney McNicol and I own 2 music stores with my husband Jeff. I do all the accounting books. I decided to take drum lessons during the quarantine and really enjoyed it. I later accepted an offer to join a band is women in the rock school program at our store. It has become an exciting project and I honestly wanted to be a part of the music experience. I have watched my husband and his father play music for many years. I understand now why they love this creative art and want to continue to support our families music legacy.


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  1. Diane Hirakawa on April 19, 2022 at 3:55 pm

    Sorry your video didn’t upload. That happened to me a few years ago with “Limelight” so we had to upload with Vimeo not you tube. Next year try that if your video was denied. Sorry again. My videographer caught it for me. Thank goodness.

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