Susan B. Schabacker

United States

Susan B. B. Schabacker is a avidly drumming Asian American soprano singer/songwriter/musician/humanitarian from the Piedmont Triad (WS), NC. Susan’s fav instrument is drums (acoustic and electronic) and she’s looking forward to submitting in the Beats By Gurlz’ Beatmaking and Drumset competitions, in her second year of participating in the HLAG (Hit Like A Girl) female global drummer competition this spring 2022.

The main focus of her musical mission is to mindfully merge mindful message and meaningful mission with magical music, with true passion and purpose to help others, improve their lives, and make our world a better place, which is the BTV (Beyond The Virus) theme song on her 5th album of original world music .

Susan is sincerely grateful to be granted the opportunity to use her musical and creative gifts to support others’ lives, as she uplifts and inspires others with a positive message of hope for now and the future. In passing the metaphoric torch on to others, she aims to leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.

“I love getting into the music zone, going with the flow, and letting the melody take me on an exciting journey, like no other, that’s a creative process of spontaneous mindfulness. It allows for full freedom of creative and artistic expression that’s free form, without limits. Drumming is essential to me, as the rhythms of life, giving each song an essential heartbeat that keeps it alive and in motion; vital and vibrant. Drums are an essential and precious part of my life I have truly benefited from, also an important form of music therapy, helping me heal and recover from ongoing traumas of a non-epileptic seizure disorder, past abuse, and mental illness diagnoses.”

Susan is also enthused and excited about exploring the world of vr (virtual reality) and editing still and video footage shot in her friend’s green screen studio and edited in post production to include a variety of different cosmically-inspired backgrounds. She is also happy to be able to mix and master her own recordings, which began with her 5th album of original world music, BTV: Beyond The Virus to support COVID aid and relief.

All of her albums, leading up to the current 8th album, Flyin On, are produced by her. Susan’s 7th album is dedicated to supporting Salem Pregnancy mothers and babies in her community. Her 8th album, Flyin On, in two parts, is part of her commitment to combatting cancer, supporting cancer awareness and research via the NFCR (National Foundation For Cancer Research). Susan is happy and honored to have embarked on not just a career path, but also a life’s journey that is true to her heart and soul. Whether it’s one person, one hundred, one thousand, or one million who hear and connect with her music, she will do her utmost to bridge that connection and fulfill her musical mission. She is grateful to God, her Creator, for everything and everyone in her life. She strongly believes He offers opportunities as blessings (some in disguise) and hope for now and the future.

Susan’s original song she’s submitting to the BBG Beatmaking contest is included in Part 1 of her 8th album, Flyin On, to support the NFCR (National Foundation For Cancer Research). Lyrics are included in her song submission posted on her Soundcloud:

One of Susan’s friends, a strong believer and prayer warrior, as well as mother of two teenagers, has recently passed on from a long, difficult battle with cancer. She’s in a better place and not suffering now, thankfully, Susan believes. Several of Susan’s loved ones have struggled with and suffered from cancer, but thankfully many have also survived.

Here’s more info about Susan’s cancer awareness and research commitment to support the NFCR in their blog:

Find out more about her musical mission with this special album and the creative thought process behind it in this article in FW (Forsyth Woman):

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