Sophie Purvis

United Kingdom

My name is Sophie Purvis and I am a 22 year old drummer from the UK. I have always had a strong passion for music and drums, taking inspiration from different styles as well as players such as Steve Gadd, Shiela E and many more. My favourite style of playing has to be funk, which is why I chose to play ‘Talk the the Moon’ by Ripe. The style of music in which this band writes and performs is exactly what I love to play. Performing this particular song gives me the freedom to improvise, creating different fills as well as intricate Hi-Hat and bass drum patterns. I currently play in an Irish function band, play steel drums is a duo, together with taking any opportunity to play with solo musicians and musical theatre performances. I am extremely proud of being a female drummer and seeing other women succeed in an area which is male dominated only gives me the motivation to keep going and keep improving.

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