Songül Öztekin


Hello! I’m Songül Öztekin from Turkey. I’m 23 years old, I’ve been playing drums for 6 months. Playing the drums was my dream since high school, but I didn’t dare. When I saw the videos and achievements of Leyan Senay, who is the representative of Hit Like a Girl Turkey, I got inspired by her. “I want to be just like her!” I said. I bought my first drumstick and started taking drum lessons. From the first moment I started playing the drums, I knew I was born for this.
Actually, I wasn’t going to take part in Hit Like a Girl 2022 because I’m still at the beginner level and I haven’t played any songs, but in the last week, I changed my mind and started practicing. Eye of the Tiger was the first song I played on drums. While I was preparing, I listened and played this song so many times that I feel like I have a boxing match haha! You can see my anger and ambition on my face in the video 😉
Anyway, I wanted to play the piano for a long time and finally I started it. I would like to share my drum and piano cover videos as soon as possible, and this video is the first step towards that!

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  1. Onur Kaba on April 30, 2022 at 6:38 pm

    Gurur be.. 😢

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