Queen Drums

United States

While some develop talent, others are simply born gifted. Jaleacia, a young, fresh, electrifying  20 year old musician prone to be observed by the world, is proving herself to belong with the stars. Born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama, a small town focused solely on one sound and in dire need of change, Jaleacia spent most of her years mastering drums in private school or at home while her peers played outside. Better known by her stage name, Queen Drums, Jaleacia Harris spent every year playing in churches, showcases, charitable organizations, workshops, revivals, concerts, drum clinics, conferences, and school events since the tender age of two. These events helped to fuel her natural desire to explore new opportunities to study a wide range of moguls that eventually nourished her will to utilize her broad spectrum of skills. Huge names such as Sheila E, Queen Cora, Calvin Rodgers, George Spank McCurdy, and Chris Colman are just a few that were amongst Jaleacia’s heaviest influences. Queen has already made a name for herself through her everlasting impression, playing alongside some of the biggest names in every genre. With her unique sound, versatility, and infectious personality, Queen Drums is catching the eye of up and coming artists and musicians who are simply captivated by her magnetic performance.


  1. evanieclay@gmail.com evanieclay@gmail.com on April 24, 2022 at 7:45 pm

    Tight performance! Great chops!

  2. Court-Ta-Nay Court-Ta-Nay on May 2, 2022 at 2:03 pm

    Simply amazing!! Great job!

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