Oleksandra Artemova


Hello! I’m Sasha Artemova. I’m from Kyiv, Ukraine 💙💛.
I’m totally obsessed with the drums since my childhood. I had my first drum at the age of 4. The more expressive I played my drums, the sooner my family was losing its patience 🤣. In the end my mum solemnly cut my drum and got rid of it soon.
Music always was in my life, the drums were labeled as ‘taboo’, ‘forget about it’, ‘come on, it’s not for the ladies’, ‘it’s so hard’, ‘it’s not for you’.
With the time being I got used to the thought that my childish passion was left far in the past. But I was wrong. Dreams come true at any age. So I was inspired by the mad drive of my friend, Anastasiya Morozova, who had started the drums classes at Sky Sticks drum school and had succeeded in it. I worked the courage and began taking the drums lessons. It was an effort to clarify whether I’d better to forget about it and never get back or to discover new myself and let the drums rush in my life.
The very first minutes of having those magic sticks in my hands gave me the feeling of the absolute harmony and satisfaction, I felt the complete reunification of two separated parts 😍. I can’t find the words to describe that feeling. The drums is a unique universe in your hands.
I would like to appreciate my dear teacher, Viktor Gerchev. He’s a person who had graduated many talented drums players. He’s literally got a gift to inspire, to find an individual approach to the students, to help to discover and develop the talent of playing the drums. And I’m proud of enjoying this gift.
All Viktor’s students are a true family. We are friends who play, chat together and care about each other. We found each other due to the vibes of drums, rhythm and drive. Despite everything. We never miss our precious drums classes and play even during air raid sirens, which unfortunately are very often nowadays in the Ukrainian cities. Our first song we played after the Kyiv region had been reoccupied (in April 2022) was “Hey, Hey, Rise Up!” – collaboration of Pink Floyd with the front man of the Ukrainian band “Boombox” (our legendary “Tchervona kalyna”. I’m out of words to describe the emotions of our play on that day. Our energy could have charged the smartphones.
…So, this is me, Oleksandra Artemova. I’m 37. It’s my second year of playing the drums and I’m honored to call myself a drum player. I have learned so many things, and millions of ones are ahead. I’m happy to claim that “My DRUM came true” because my dream did came true and became an endless source of inspiration.
Last year I didn’t have enough courage and strength to participate in the “Hit Like a girl” competition due to the lack of experience. But now I’m absolutely ready to share the visualization of my old dream.
Never refuse to enjoy of being yourself. Listen to your heart. And may the Force be with you. The Force of rhythm, energy and a cool drummer girl inside yourself!


  1. hlag on March 1, 2023 at 10:28 am

    Hello, Oleksandra. Thanks for entering. You are the first contestant in Hit Like A Girl 2023. Good luck!

    • Iryna Butko on March 1, 2023 at 11:59 am

      You are the first, you are the best!!!

  2. Oleksandra Artemova Oleksandra Artemova on March 1, 2023 at 11:55 am

    Thank you so much, HLAG FAMILY 🤗! I’m honored to be a part of Hit Like A Girl!
    I wish all of us enjoyed the competition! The main victory is already in everyone’s hands — our music, our sticks, our common rhythm ❤️

  3. Robert Bremner on March 9, 2023 at 11:16 am

    Great job 👏

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