Noemi Siino


I started to play drums when I was 15, during the high school and I played in several cover bands. Actually I play in 2 cover bands (one is a pop-rock band and the other is a hard rock band) and during the lockdown here in Italy I started to play my e-drums for my Youtube channel just for fun (and yes, I played several covers by a japanese rock band called “Band Maid”, which is my favourite j-rock band).
My track here is a cover by “Billy Talent” which I discovered just few mouths ago and I love the grooves of this band (and it’s also one of my favourite genres).
My drummer influences are a lot, but for me the top 3 are: Anika Nilles, Emmanuelle Caplette and Benny Greb (I know their grooves and plays are so different!)
Sometimes I love to experiment with grooves, solos, other countries bands covers and genres.

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  1. marisax marisax on April 2, 2022 at 9:58 am

    nice!! love how much fun you’re having playing too 😀

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