Nikolina Glušac


My name is Nikolina Glušac from Serbia, Belgrade, and I am a 16-year-old girl drummer. I have been playing drums for six years. For the last two years I was learning with my mentor Yeqy, who helped me with his guidance and endless enthusiasm.

In a meantime, I participated in the “Rock Camp for Girls” within the program for the affirmation of women’s creativity FEMIX, I am studying second grade of the Gymnasium of Natural sciences and Mathematics “Sveti Sava” and I am a member of its Parliament.

I also conduct humanitarian work in the area of green environments, such as “ECO Embracement”, and I am a strong supporter of human rights, gender equality, and everything that strives towards a green world.

As for my drumming projects, I am a drummer and composer for the 80s hard rock band Whiplash and we are currently working on our 5th album. Therefore, I have chosen to play a Whiplash song called “The Asylum”.

Besides drums, I play guitar and piano as well.

I am applying for the “Hit Like A Girl” competition because I want to be part of a community that supports activities related to human rights, gender equality, and a chance for young artists to present their talent and fulfill their dreams.


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