Nancy Luduena


My name is Nancy Luduena, I am 26 and I am from Italy. I’ve been studying drums since I was 13. I got my degree from a jazz conservatory in 2017. I then studied film scoring in another conservatory. I played in various bands and orchestras and I experimented with many different genres like jazz, rock, metal, funky, pop etc… I deepened my polyrhythm study with Peter Magadini.
Peter inspired me so much that I continued to study polyrhythms for years. During these years I always had in mind an idea that made me feel completely free, the idea that through polyrhythms it was possible to dominate time.

For this occasion I prepared a drum solo using many of the concepts I learned.
Basically my goals are two:

– To show how much music there is in polyrhythms and odd subdivisions.
– To try that you can find your personal space to express yourself at the best just letting time follow you and not the other way around. Polyrhythms are the way to take your space.

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