Maria Trofimchuk


Hello everyone, my name is Masha.
I play drums in underground russian indi/punk/metal bands in Saint-Petersburg, teach people to play drums and work as a drummer in small local theatre.
I started playing drums when I was 15 y.o. in my hometown Volgograd. I graduated from saint-petersburg music colledge as an academic percussionist, and now I study in the State Conservatory on the orchestral percussion department. Here I play marimba, vibraphone, snare solo and other percussion, but honestly the more I study here, the more I understand that my real passion is playing drumset (and we don’t play drumset in the conservatory at all) Academic base gives me a lot, and I am grateful to my teachers, but I think I will leave this place soon to concentrate on something I am really passionate about.
I want to be a drummer as a full-time job and I know that it is not an easy way, but I will do everything I can just to try. Thanks to people around me I believe that it is possible. I love our small community, my friends and colleges, who help me and support me all the time. It helps, especially in such scary and terrifying times.

Peace to Ukraine, freedom to Russia
thank you

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