Ksenia Tishckina


Hello everyone My name is Ksenia and I’m from Moscow!
My story about how I got into music is quite interesting. It all started with the Linkin Park band. It was their music that prompted me to pick up an instrument. When I heard the acoustic version of the song “Final Masquerade”, I wanted to play it on guitar. After a while, I bought my first guitar, started studying on my own at first, then found a teacher and now I can play this song and not only that! Then I decided that beautiful singing was not enough for a beautiful game! And I took up this issue.
When the idea of mastering the second instrument appeared, I, without hesitation, chose drums. I was prompted by the fact that there are very few girls among the famous drummers, which is sad …
Music has brought me together with a lot of wonderful and interesting people, and I hope that over time their number will only grow. I am a girl with a big dream who wants to conquer, if not the world, then at least the hearts of many people from different cities and countries.

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