Karyssa Paglomutan

United States

Hey everyone! I’m Karyssa, a 13-year-old drummer with a passion for rhythm and energy. I’ve been drumming since I was 9 and am super excited to participate in the Hit Like A Girl 2023 contest! Skillet and other Christian rock bands inspire me and fuel my love for music, especially my favorite drummer, Jen Ledger. I can’t wait to showcase my skills alongside other talented female drummers, following in Jen’s footsteps.

Aside from drumming, I’m also a dancer, attending a dance school where I learn ballet and jazz. This combination of music and dance allows me to express myself creatively and drives me to explore new ways of incorporating movement into my drumming performances.

One day, I dream of owning a ranch where I can take care of horses, my favorite animals. I believe in chasing dreams and working hard to achieve them, and I’m thrilled to share my journey with all of you through the Hit Like A Girl contest.

I’m eager to grow as a musician and connect with other like-minded drummers who share my passion for music. Thank you for joining me on this incredible adventure, and best of luck to all the amazing female drummers in the Hit Like A Girl 2023 contest! Let’s rock!

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