Irene Olmedo Gómez


I’m Irene, a drummer from Spain. I’m 23 years old and i’ve been playing drums since I was 16. Right now I play in two bands: Porfiria 666 (Black Metal) and Hostil (Hardcore Punk).
This is a drum playthrough of a new Porfiria 666 song. It’s called Masacre Bíblica. It’s an unreleased song so you are going to be one of the first listeners of our nwe song. Hope you enjoy it!

I started playing drums because I loved (and of course still do) listening to music, specially rock, metal and punk, although I enjoy other genres such as 80s pop, techno… So i watched tons of videos and was impressed by the energy that drummers transmit, so when I found out about Sandy West (The Runaways) and Debbi Peterson (The Bangles), I just wanted to be like them.
When I was able to play a real drum set for the first time, It was love at first sight and all I can say is that drumming has become my passion.

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