Ili Sohaili Basiron


Hello, I’m a multidisciplinary artist and a writer. I love to empower the people I meet and advocate healing in my writing. On the artistic side, I immerse myself in creating pattern art in visuals (tiles/mandala) & sound (drumming). Previously I was in academics and product design, until I switched paths to study audio engineering in 2009 but after graduation, I went on a long hiatus for self-development.

So far it’s been 2 years since my drumming journey began and I’m slowly reacquainting myself to the audio production world. Music has always been a loyal friend and mentor in my life, especially when it gets rough trying to navigate life with ADHD/Autism. I decided to try drumming because I needed to have a better grasp of time to hack my ADHD time-blindness, so I figured that a timekeeping instrument would be a great place restart my journey into the world of sound.

It’s been great to include drumming in many aspects of my lifestyle. Looking forward to see where this journey will take me.


Doing robot tings #drumtok #alesisdrums #drummergirl #melodics #riddims

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