Flore Lapeyre


I’m Flore, I’m a drum teacher from Marseille, France. I’ve been playing drums for 13 years.
I love making a living from my passion. Teaching is so rewarding.
I’ve also played in many Rock bands. I like the energy and the power of Rock music. I think the most important thing when you play an instrument is to convey an emotion to the person who’s listening to You. It’s what I’m trying to do everyday.

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  1. CFee on April 21, 2022 at 2:23 am

    hello Marseille lady ! et bravo !!!! purée ( je n’ai pas écris le mot du sud ^^) la dose d’émotion super bien transmise, ton jeu épicé/solaire donne illico l’ envie de danser ! merci beaucoup pour ta participation et super énergie pour la suite !

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