Elena Kireeva


Hello everyone! I’m Elena and my whole life is full with art. My mother is a pianist so i was entered into this magical world since birth. I have always sang, danced, played on different instruments and it makes me complete and happy. When i started to listen brutal styles of metal music, i was completely amazed by speed, that was something new. A bit later I decided to get acquainted with this instrument, and even later i made a decision to start an education.
I sat on drumkit in previous February and finally realised, that it was that piece of jigsaw puzzle i didn’t have before. It’s like my life has moved to another level. I become an another woman and i love it.
I like difficulties in everything i do, that makes to develop my skills, also in music. I recorded cover on this Måneskin song when i played just 8 months. I hope you like and enjoy it!

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