Deniz Şengezer


Hi ı’m Deniz. I am 19 years old ı live in İstanbul/Turkey .I have been playing drums for about 6-7 years
I always been very willing and ambitious about this . I started this passion at a young age by saving money myself and buying a very small e-drum
and trying to learn it on my own.
And then ı went to a course and got the third prize for the best instrument in the Turkey highschool music competition.I’m in college now. I play with my friends and sometimes music events.
İt’s a unique feeling for me to play the drums.I love that freedom and excitement when ı play.
I have a lot of goals related to music and drums,and ı hope that one day they will come true.

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  1. Naci Şengezer Şengezer on April 28, 2022 at 1:23 pm

    Çok başarılı

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