Cora Ecklund

United States

My name is Cora, I stared drumming in 4th grade when I chose percussion in the school band. Years later in 6th grade I fell in love with rock. I loved it so much I wanted to be apart if it, so that summer I decided to start playing the drum set. I play the drums for many reasons one being the joy and freedom they give me. Theirs not one time I’ll be playing the drums and not be smiling.
I admire many drummers like Roger Taylor and Dave Grohl, they really inspired me to drum the way I drum. I choose Best of you by the Foo Fighters because it resonates with me. I believe it’s about letting someone get the best if you, the best version of yourself, anddddd it also has great drums. I have been drumming for 8 months now and drumming has made them all the better. One day I hope to drum at a stadium, or maybe even an old theater in Greece, that would be crazy!

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