Claudine Letouzé


Hello, I’m Fée from France.
I started playing drums in november 2018 after Bagshow Paris event, and meeting incredibly inspiring drums professionnals. My first steps were with hardcore gentlemen and same energy i have.
I moved from Normandy to Bretagne, it was not easy to find a drums teacher. I found one creativ while two years and a half. I made auditions but not found the band i could use my energy. I keep the search. I created #rockthealzheimer sessions when I was nurse helper : blast impro moments with sparkling eyes & smiles on elderies who took part these moments. but I went back to studies few months ago, i got my diploma as pediatric nurse helper last month. yes i did #rockbabies short sessions with 6 months till 3 years old kids, I used snare/bodhran/tambourines. using these, the shyness of some kids disappeared, they gained confidence. We had super great moments they did not wanted to end !
Today i have no drums teacher, but i will search again near my town, or elsewhere. I m aware I need a guide, to stay focus on one idea at a time ;o) I m happy to watch videos of HLAG contestants as super inspiring versatility drums sources, I wish them good luck & most of all to stay amazing ladies !
This video is unperfect because it’s fully oneshot impro, & step my drums cover process; that ‘s true lief of female drummer. I try to enter the song, in real time, with feelings i have about the song. and I understand fast if ideas are good or not, what to add or change etc. step two is to focus of the original drummer s style, to mix all this in step 3, to play my way ! ^^


  1. MariaWulf MariaWulf on April 22, 2022 at 2:31 pm

    Hello Claudine, I enjoy seeing submissions from all over the world. I love that you are sharing your passion with Alzheimer’s patients.

    • CFee on April 25, 2022 at 1:59 pm

      Merci, Thank you MariaWulf. yes it’s super great here, and really so inspiring ladies with their drumsets and path of life. I wish you all the best everyday ( in french : je te souhaite le meilleur tous les jours ) ^^

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