BB Mitchem

United States

Hey! I am Brewer “BB” Mitchem. I am seventeen years old and I am from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I am a senior at North River Christian Academy. I am attending The University of Alabama this upcoming fall with plans to major in Psychology and further my education by attending The University of Alabama Law School. I have been playing drums for over five years because at the age of twelve, I developed an interest to play drums and I have not stopped since that moment! For these past five years, I have been studying under my mentor, Patrick Gerasia. My drumming influences are Patrick Gerasia (The Violent), Ronnie Tutt (Elvis), and Roger Taylor (Duran Duran). Mike Protich and Dave McGarry have had a profound influence on my music as well.

The track that I decided to play this year is Dead Man Walking by Jelly Roll. This song struck as inspiration when I first listened to this track, and I wanted to share my love for this song for the contest this year.

This is my fourth year of entering Hit Like A Girl. My mission as a female drummer is, and has always been, to inspire women to realize that just because we are females, does not mean that we cannot play drums. I hope that at least one woman who wants to play drums, but feels discouraged, can watch my entry and be inspired and encouraged.

I want to thank God, my parents, and Patrick Gerasia for being on this drumming journey with me.

I truly hope that whoever watches this entry enjoys!

-BB Mitchem

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