autumn Olsen

United States

Hi folks! My names Autumn, and I’m a trans drummer from the thriving punk scene in Denton, Texas. I started playing about a year and a half ago after going to a few local shows, and since the day I started I never looked back. I originally wanted to play drums because my uncle, who was a huge role model in my life, played drums for a couple of bands while I was growing up, so there was always a drum kit around the house. I started learning guitar first because it was quieter, but after some time I sold my guitar and had finally saved enough money for a beginner drum kit. Producing music like this has been the greatest outlet of emotion I could ever ask for, it has really helped me deal with the problems that trans people face every day. Some of my biggest influences are Venus Twins, Lightning Bolt, Deftones, Black Midi, Whirr, and System of a Down. All of these influences lead to some pretty unique drum parts that I usually use with my band, Soft Shock. I really hope you guys enjoy the video, thank you for your time 🙂

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