Anna Gaby Ortiz


My name is Gaby Ortiz and I’ve played the drums for 5 years now, always inspired by my favorite drummers such as Ashton Irwin, Paulina Villareal, Josh Dun and Sarah Jones. This is my second year participating in HLAG contest. Last year I was really inspired by watching all the female drummers participating, they encouraged me to keep practicing and getting better each day. This year I choose the song “Welcome to The Black Parade” by one of my favorite bands, My Chemical Romance. This band has inspired my drumming since the first time a listened to them, and when I first started playing the drums it felt really impossible to play, but with a lot practice, I can play it now! This is just a reminder for me and anyone reading this, that discipline in music can take you to achieve whatever you want! Lastly I want to thank my friends, teachers and family for all their support!

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  1. Zurda on May 3, 2022 at 10:02 am

    Congratulations Anna Gaby!!!! I could notice you love and enjoy playing the drums! I like your performance, your beat is really good. Keep on practicing! specially with a metronome WELL DONE!

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