Anastasia Vlasova


Hello, everyone! My name is Anastasia Vlasova, and I’ve been playing drums for about 10 years now. Sounds like a confession, and it’s a sort of a revelation for me too. I’ve been on this journey for a while, and drums have always been my safe harbour.

I started off at the age of 13 in a small town of Kingisepp, Russia. The fist time behind the drums was a real eye-opener for me. The drumsticks seemed too heavy, and the kit super huge. My mom told me later that after my first class with a drum teacher I happily announced “My world is never going to be the same!” Drums changed the way I viewed reality.

At 14-15 I was a member of my first 2 local bands, played gigs after school classes and enjoyed the life of a rock star (except for the self-destruction part). Back then I started shooting my first Youtube covers, which are still on my channel (and I’m not embarassed by them at all).

I kept on playing after I moved to the big city of St P to study at university (I’m a qualified linguist). I didn’t have my own rehearsal room at that moment, so I had to choose the most available ones. Sometimes it meant travelling to the other edge of the city or spreading advertisment sheets for music schools in return for a rehearsal.

Nevertheless, I managed to record a drum video for Anika Nilles’ competition, which was held in the light of her upcoming master classes in Russian cities (2018), and I got the 3rd place in St Petersburg. There were only 3 participants, so I’m not really proud of it, but it was fun :))

Then better times came: I joined new bands, got a regular base for practice, started playing serious concerts, making regular content, and taking part in drum contests. In 2021 I got the 2nd place in “Drummers United” (female category), which allowed me to perform at the finale in Moscow.

In general, I’m a fan of indie-folk music. It’s interesting to explore on drums, and it opens an endless field for experiments. A great example is the indie-folk cover that I’m submitting, as I created the whole drum part myself, and it was exciting to play.
My biggest inspirations are Phil Collins, Chad Smith, Stewart Copeland, Anika Nilles, Martina Barakoska, and such bands as Daughter, Angus & Julia Stone, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Alt-J, 30 Seconds To Mars.

Despite taking some drum classes in the past, I’m mostly self-taught. I think my wide performing experience makes up for it, but clearly every day is a lesson, and I’m still learning.

Currently I’m working as a translator and English teacher, and trying myself as a drum teacher. This year I felt the courage to enter HLAG contest, and I’m wishing luck to all the participants!

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