Enter Beatmaking 18+



Submit your audio by linking to it on your SoundCloud account. Entering the correct URL format is critical in making a successful contest entry!

In SoundCloud, go to the page specifically for your song. Make sure your song is set for Privacy: Public.

Do not use URLs associated with sets, artist pages, etc. The only acceptable format is https://soundcloud.com/artist-name/song-name.

  • Valid: https://soundcloud.com/roddyricch/the-box
  • Invalid: https://soundcloud.com/roddyricch
  • Invalid:https://soundcloud.com/soundcloud-hustle/sets/rap-new-hot

Copy the URL and paste it into the Music Link URL field in the form below.


Allowed File Types : jpg,jpeg,png | Allowed File Size Limit : 1 MB
Your address is private except for country
Private. See "REQUIRED" at top of page for form
Allowed File Types : pdf,jpeg,jpg,png | Allowed File Size Limit : 1 MB