Hit Like A Girl is proud to announce the winners of the drumset category for this year’s regional contests. These outstanding drummers will receive special awards from the HLAG sponsors. Thanks to the international judges and ambassadors and especially everyone who entered.

<18      Marie François 
18+      Clara Oulieu                                              

<18      Rinay                                     
18+      Sonikblasts                             

<18      Zoe Larios   
18+      Angie Salinas                              

<18      Yuuka AOKI                         
18+      Mika Watanabe                      

Southeast Asia
<18      Kayla Zahra Fahira Permaa   
18+      Shani Samtani                       

The Champions and Runners-Up of the 2020 International Hit Like A Girl Contest will be announced on Friday, May 29 and will appear on a special episode of Hit Like A Girl LIVE on Tuesday, June 2 at 1:00PM EDT/10:00AM PDT @hitlikeagirlcontest on Instagram.

Following hundreds of entries, thousands of votes and millions of views—  and highly-competitive preliminary, semi-final and final rounds— Hit Like A Girl and 9Beats drum schools are pleased to announce the Champions and Winners of the Hit Like A Girl China 2020 contest for female drummers.

<8        http://www.9beats.com/contest_results/result_infant.html
Champion: Yinxuan Lin (林音璇) – #146
2nd Place: Lisa (沈珈铷) – #384        
3rd Place: Mini (黄瑜汐) – #275

8-12     http://www.9beats.com/contest_results/result_children.html
Champion: Celina (黄歆然) – #126
2nd Place: Qingzhu Yang (杨晴竹) – #378
3rd Place: Mini (陈思睿) – #148

13-17   http://www.9beats.com/contest_results/result_juvenile.html
Champion: Yufengyi Li (李玉凤仪) – #215
2nd Place: Karen (周千越) – #343
3rd Place: Haile Bao (包海乐) – #287

18+      http://www.9beats.com/contest_results/result_adult.html
Champion: Rita Li (李昕茹) – #419
2nd Place: JC (张莹) – #54
3rd Place: Maggie (孙佳蕊) = #20     

The entry videos from finalists in four ages groups (<8, 8-12, 13-17 and 18+) were judged by an international panel of elite drummers and educators including Lindsay Artkop, Gorden Campbell, Emmanuelle Caplette, Dom Famularo, Bingchen Han, Thomas Lang, Rick Latham, Peiying Li, Ryan Stevenson and Wilson Zhang. The winners will receive a selection of prizes from HLAG China sponsors Queens Guard Drum Co. and Sabian.

HLAG China Champions become International Finalists. Their videos can be viewed at www.hitlikeagirlcontest.com (runners’-up and finalists’ videos can be viewed at the links above and on the 9Beats App available for iOS and Android devices).

Hit Like A Girl and 9Beats wish to thank everyone who entered and everyone who supports the female drumming community in China and around the world. HLAG International Drumset and Beatmaking Champions as well as Regional winners in Southeast Asia, France, Japan, India and Mexico will be announced on the www.hitlikeagirlcontest.com website on May 29, 2020.

As we head into the final round, Hit Like A Girl congratulates our Popular winners (clockwise from upper left): Evelyn Moreno (<13), Juanita Pelaez (Beatmaking 18+), Alyssa Tomassi (13-17), Kallee Bernish-Good (Beatmaking <18), Mihaela Naydenova (18-39) and Jennifer Towns (40+). Winners of the popular voting will receive a prize package from HLAG 2020 sponsors and automatically qualify for the final round where they will be judged by many of the world’s top drummers. You can view all the truly amazing entries we received this year at www.hitlikeagirlcontest.com. Stand by for the 2020 HLAG finalists to be announced soon!

Featuring many of today’s top professional beatmakers along with the Champions and Winners from previous contests, this year’s judging panels have been announced for the under and over 18 age groups in the Beatmaking category of Hit Like A Girl/Beats By Girlz contest. Three “pro-am” teams will judge the semi-finals while BBG’s founders, executives and directors will judge the final round.

Semi-Final Team 1 includes Christine Hoberg, Tara Bordeaux, Cas Bur, Muzikal Dunk (B DUNK), Marcella Fruehan and Aletta Verwoerd.

Semi-Final Team 2 includes Claire Lim (dolltr!ck), Joanne Corrigall, Tuna Pase (FORTUNA), Georgia Winter, Ellie Johnson (Basil) and Jessica Muñiz-Collado (NIZCO).

Semi-Final Team 3 includes Ángela Cortés, Jen Mitlas, Annelise Witek, Katrine Villadsen, Raylinne Garcia, Jamie Billings and Sophea Sim (11THIRT33N).

Judges for the final round include Erin Barra (MOMMA BARRA), Danielle Thwaites (DAIZA), Krithi, Christin Light and Cassie Plunkett (PLUNKI).

HLAG Beatmaking contestants compete for a selection of prizes— including hardware, software and international exposure— from sponsors like Novation, Native Instruments, Roland, Presonus and Melodics. Results will be announced on the www.hitlikeagirlcontest website on May 29.

shown in photo (clockwise from upper left): Cassie Plunkett, Christin Light, Danielle Thwaites, Krithi and Erin Barra.

Hit Like A Girl began in 2012 with a mission to highlight female drumming and encourage more girls and women to become drummers. With its new “Stick Together” program, the organization has expanded their mission to help girls and women become better drummers. And, since the COVID-19 pandemic has given drummers another reason to keep playing and support each other, “Stick Together” allows players to strengthen the drumming community at the same time they strengthen their hands.

Here are the highlights of the project:  

• Dozens of today’s top female drummers have been invited to record short videos demonstrating their favorite rudiment, warm-up or stick control exercise. The short hand-technique exercises can be played with just a practice pad and a pair of sticks.

• The exercise videos and transcriptions are viewable on the @hitlikeagirlcontest Instagram page.

• Players can collect a downloadable “Stick Together” certificate and access “Rewards” that are special discounts on educational supplies by visiting www.hitlikeagirlcontest.com/stick-together-rewards. Participating sponsors include Sheet Music Plus, Hudson Music, Tom Tom Magazine and more.

The first group of posts feature exercises from drummers Sam Landa, Camille Bigeault, Jessica Goodwin and Victoria Gridzhan. Visit www.hitlikeagirlcontest.com for further details.

Hit Like A Girl’s new “Hit Like A Girl LIVE” show is the latest expansion of the organization’s ongoing effort to showcase and support female drummers, percussionists and beatmakers. The weekly live stream takes place every Tuesday at 1:00pm EDT/10:00am PDT on the @hitlikeagirlcontest Instagram page and is hosted by HLAG Director, founder of Tom Tom magazine, drummer and advocate for the female drumming community, Mindy Abovitz.

Hit Like A Girl LIVE features exclusive interviews and Q&A sessions with some of today’s top female drummers and drum industry executives. Upcoming guests include Lucy Landymore (The World Of Hans Zimmer), Marla Leigh (The Frame Drum Academy), Sarah Hagan (Zildjian Artist Relations), DeArcus Curry (Janelle Monae) and more.

Tune in Tuesdays at www.instagram.com/hitlikeagirlcontest and visit www.hitlikeagirlcontest.com for more information.

Hit Like A Girl congratulates our Week 8 winners (clockwise from upper left): Mihaela Naydenova (18-39), Tang Yu Chiao (<13, Saralyn Chernishuk (13-17) and Michelle Pickering (40+).

Winners of the weekly contests will receive a prize package from HLAG 2020 sponsors and automatically qualify for the final round where they will be judged by many of the world’s top drummers. You can view all the truly amazing entries we received this year at www.hitlikeagirlcontest.com. Stand by for the 2020 HLAG finalists to be announced on May 13!

As the final round of the 2020 Hit Like Girl contest draws nearer, the celebrity judging panels for the Drumset category have been announced.

<13: Bunga Ardina Putri • Lindsey Raye Ward • Faith Benson • Emily Moon • Jen Hoeft • Lucy Landymore • Holly Madge • Aicha Djidjelli • Glen Sobel • Andrew Marshall

13-17: Kristyna Sibinska • Val Sepulveda • Sam Landa • De’Arcus Curry • Caitlin Kalafus • Jess Bowen • Cherisse Osei • Hayley Brownell • Jojo Mayer • Brendan Buckley

18-39: Amanda Dal • Didi Negron • Anika Nilles • Hannah Welton • Hayley Cramer • Yissy Garcia • Sarah Tomek • Meytal Cohen • Emily Dolan-Davies • Stanton Moore • Ryan Seaman • Charles Streeter

40+: Penny Larson • Fer Fuentes • Vera Figuereido • Dena Tauriello • Lauren Calkin • Samantha Maloney • Emmanuelle Caplette • Natalia “Moty” Miranda • Satnam Ramgotra • Nick D’Virgilio

Read the bios, backstories and professional credits of these world-class drummers as well as the judges for the Chinese, French, Mexican, Indian, Japanese and Southeast Asia contests at www.hitlikeagirlcontest.com/judges.

The judging panels for the 2020 Hit Like A Girl Beatmaking contest will be announced soon.

Shown in photo (clockwise from upper left): Emmanuele Caplette, Didi Negron, Anika Nilles, Aicha Djidjelli, Senri Kawaguchi and Jess Bowen.

Adding to an impressive line-up that already includes many of world’s top drummers and beatmakers, the roster of judges roster for the 2020 Hit Like A Girl contest now includes Stanton Moore (Galactic), Emily Moon (Starbenders) and Meytal Cohen (YouTube legend).

To see the complete list of international and regional judges, visit www.hitlikeagirlcontest.com/judges.

Hit Like A Girl congratulates our Week 7 winners (clockwise from upper left): Céline Le Vu (18-39), Katie Forster (13-17), Aiwen Voth (<13) and Roslyn Owens (40+). See these outstanding drummers’ entries at www.hitlikeagirlcontest.com.

Winners of the weekly contests will receive a prize package from HLAG 2020 sponsors and automatically qualify for the final round where they will be judged by many of the world’s top drummers. Hit Like A Girl’s Week 8 Winners will be announced on April May 4.