Rhythm Technology by Beats By Girlz

[vc_row css=”.vc_custom_1518039642043{padding-right: 100px !important;padding-left: 100px !important;}”][vc_column][vc_column_text]Beats By Girlz empowers young girls to create their own beats and compositions by using technology, including drum pads, drum machines, loop stations, computers and other electronic devices and software. They currently have chapters in 6 US cities and are growing rapidly. HLAG will be collaborating with BBG to offer a new Rhythm Technology category for this year’s Hit Like A Girl contest. We are very excited about this addition to our contest.

HLAG + BBG 2018 is the first annual global drum programming contest for female producers. Its purpose is to spotlight female beat makers/producers and encourage females to engage in music technology. The event is produced by Hit Like A Girl Contest in partnership with Beats By Girlz and our activities are made possible by the generous support of our partners, Ableton, ROLI and Sensel.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator color=”custom” border_width=”4″ accent_color=”#9678d2″][vc_column_text]

General Guidelines

Ladies Only • No Age Restriction
1 to 3-Minute Track: Originals, covers or remixes, you pick.
Please format the track as Producer Name – Track Name (HLAG + BBG Contest).

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Evaluation Criteria

All songs must be uploaded to soundcloud for submission



Performance Quality

Production Elements Including Sequencing, Groove, Sound, Technique, Musicality




Sound Quality




Passion, Personality and Detail

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How To Make It To The Finals!

1. ROLI Mini-Contest: BBG is proud of our sponsorship with ROLI, an innovative music technology company known for the Seaboard, BLOCKS, and the music-making app NOISE. In addition to your HLAG + BBG Drum Programming Submission, you may partake in our mini-contest by creating a track using the NOISE app and uploading it to NOISE.fm with the label “Producer Name – Track Name (HLAG + BBG + ROLI Contest).” Winners of the mini-contest will be chosen by the founder of Beats by Girlz, Erin Barra. The Grand Prize winner will receive a Lightpad Block and the runner up will receive Equator.*

Download NOISE for iOS or Google Pixel

2. Public Voting: Public, online voting will be open for all entries and contestants. Friends, fans and family can vote once per track per day. In order to vote a person must create a profile and be signed on through HLAG.

3. Listens: The tracks with the most plays on soundcloud will be automatically bumped to the finals!

*To be in with a chance of winning a Lightpad Block, entrants must reside in the US, UK, European Union, Canada or Australia. Entrants from other regions are still eligible to enter—if one of these entrants is named the winner, the creator of the winning entry will instead be able to redeem every ROLI’s Equator for free.

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Female Judges

The entries will be judged by producers, engineers, artists, composers and sound designers who are all working towards gender equity in a field where women are highly underrepresented. Each of the judges will be able to vote for their favorite entries.

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Beat Making Champ

The first ever HLAG + BBG Drum Programming Champions, winners and runners-up will be announced via live webcast May 24, 2018 at 6:00PM PST.

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Official Rules and Policies

All entrants must identify as female. There are no restrictions on age, genre or DAW. There are no rules to what sort of sounds you should use, or if there should be vocals or not. We just want your best production that showcases your most original work.

Winners will be chosen be a team of incredible women in music technology.
Erin Barra
Paula Fairfield
Danielle Thwaites – Daiza
Elana Carroll – Party Nails
Jordan Cantor – Somme
Heather Nickles
Kate Ellwanger – Dot
Lily Burns – Elem
Krithi Rao
Christin Light
Alex Rapp
Alisse Laymac
Lola Blu

Grand Prize
Ableton Live 10 license • ROLI Lightpad Block M • $150 Sweetwater gift card • Sensel Morph
Second and Third Place Prizes
Ableton Live Intro License • $50 Sweetwater gift card
Additional Prizes
Equator by ROLI for the winner of the ROLI contest
Ableton and Beats by Girlz swag

*Everyone who enters HLAG + BBG will receive the
Beats by Girlz Sample Pack, Vol. 1
and will have their tracks included in an exclusive playlist.


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