Beatmaking 18+ Finalists


A Good Friend consists of Teresa and Jaleesa, an Italian keys player and a Dutch drummer who met at music university in London 9 years ago. We had been playing together for a while but didn’t start writing and producing

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I am a classically-trained violinist, film composer, and producer from Tempe, Arizona, USA. Coming from the classical world, I felt I lacked the agency to be creating the music that I wanted to hear, that I wanted to jam to.

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Sitting somewhere between electronic and ambient, Alexandra Burress makes music that evokes vivid landscapes and ancient, exotic rhythms. She is inspired by the juxtaposition of ethereal and gritty textures in sound, aiming to paint a dynamic world within each of

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Music has accompanied me since I was still in my mother’s womb. I come from a family of musicians, and one of my biggest frustrations was never being able to play an instrument well. Until the day, when I learned

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The electronic music of 20 year old Annie Elise features mellow sounds that manifest themselves in simple and versatile melodies. Annie’s music is heavily influenced by a neurological condition called synesthesia, which causes her to physically see sound and hear

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My name is Mariela Quezada and I live in Lima, Peru.

I studied music at the UPC university in Peru. However, I started studying music production in mid-2018 through YouTube. I was inclined to make urban music like reggaeton or

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Brown Jewel is an educator, beat maker, and music producer hailing from Racine, Wisconsin. Currently based in Brooklyn, NY, she is working with hip hop & R&B artists as well as creating music soundscapes for campaigns, short films, series, podcasts,

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My name is Charlette. I go by the name Char. I’m 27 from Atlanta, Ga, currently living in Miami, Fl. Music has always been a huge influence in my life, from growing up in the church to dj-ing for my

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My name is Chelsey Sellona and my artist name is Chels Sounds. I am from Orange County, California. I started producing 4 years ago in my college dorm room and I fell in love with my Launchpad and my DAW.

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My name is Christine and I am nurse by profession. This is my 2nd year in joining the beatmaking 18+ category. I am also a drummer and started the interest in music arrangement, creation, composition 2 years ago and I

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Cindy is french and has been a drummer since she was 15 years old, a few years later she discovered maschines, pads and music production and became CYRX.

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Crown Suave is a music producer, engineer and songwriter from New Jersey. She is no stranger to music as she comes from a family of musicians who play instruments, are artist and songwriters.

Crown Suave fell in love with music

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I studied classical music. But i really wanted to play popular music. I began to learn to play drumset, but i was not good enough. I think my personality doesn’t fit the drum kit. So i choose the wavedrum, and

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Debbie has been performing since age 13. She is an accomplished musician who has toured Nationally and locally for 4 decades. Debbie grew up in New Jersey at a a young age was exposed to many musical genres ranging from

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Totally mesmerized by all the magic and wizardry that fueled my imagination and my sensory horizon, I fell in love with music arrangement and production before I even turned ten. However, it was way later when I began to understand

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As a child music was always a big part of my life. From singing my heart out with my mom and sister in the car or listening to the impressive gospel choir at church I’ve always enjoyed music. I began

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Hello, I am a music producer and composer from Brighton,UK. I am originally Russian from a tiny North European country called Latvia. I became interested in writing my own music at the age 13 when I bought my first ever

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Su Preme is a dedicated drummer/percussionist, music producer, educator, healer, motivational speaker, and Human Resources professional. She is a graduate of Spelman College (B.A) and Georgetown University (M.A). Su Preme founded FruitfulRhythm in 2017, of which she sees percussion in

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Hi! My name is Jam! I am a drummer, music producer and audio engineer from North Carolina! I own a studio that focuses on serving women and the LGBTQ community. I have dedicated my life to giving a voice to

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I’m Jessica, brazilian from Recife. Before the pandemics I worked as executive producer to live events and most recently I started a career as a roadie. I am a member of the Coletivo Nativa, a collective of women who work

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I’m a lifelong music fan and within the past few years, I’ve taken to making music in my spare time. I started playing drums when I was in high school, but really didn’t have time to commit to regular playing

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The track you are about to listen to is a creation that invites to one’s discovery and connection with oneself. This production challenges and invites us to deal with our own insecurities and our anxiety in the midst of confinement.

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I´m Leo a House dancer and teacher, performer, dj and music producer from Lisbon.

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Lindsey Hartfelder is an active percussion performer, arranger, and educator in Coppell, TX. She holds bachelors degrees in Percussion Performance and Music Entrepreneurship from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and a Masters of Music in Percussion Performance from the University

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I’ve always loved music. I got it from my dad. He used to play me songs from the likes of greats like Natalie Cole (and her dad!), and tell me to listen to certain parts of the song– where the

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I wrote my first song when I was in the fifth grade and finished producing my first EP during my second year of college. Both were pretty rough around the edges, but since then I’ve been slowly expanding my songwriting,

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I’ve been playing drums since I was 8 years old, I’ve always listened to music from a very young age, but hip hop for me is the energy of the word and the rhythm with which I flow from a

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Moina is a Stroud based multi media artist and saxophonist who enjoyes exploring the uniting qualities of visual art and music side by side. Whether it be production or collaborative live music, she loves making both in an improvised manner

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Hello! I decided to come back again my 5th year …

I’ve been producing music for a few years now. Besides playing drums, it became my second passion I want to pursue for my life and my future. What I

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Las Vegas based music producer Monro has opened for electronic music producers such as Tokimonsta and Mr. Carmack. Her track ’94 was released as part of a compilation of other female music producers on the album 100% Her in 2020

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“caffeine lullabies” is the result of the first experiments with DAWs and mobile apps (as well as the previous EP, “as vezes”) by nemsempre.
Mostly inspired by the Late Night Lo-Fi and adjacent playlists they’ve been listening to.
Experimental, with

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Professor TurnUp is an educator with a <3 for bass! Although new to beatmaking, she grew up playing upright bass in school and community orchestras, and bass guitar in the school jazz ensemble. Over the years she’s dabbled with other

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Music is my life. My parents are strict musicians, my father a performer and mother a music teacher. My main instrument is my voice, and I play piano as well. In 2001 I was accepted to Berklee College of Music

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Hailing from the colorful escapades of India, Rivita creates electro-acoustic landscapes with her music.

After obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Music from BIMM London, she proceeded to study Composing for Film and TV at the prestigious Kingston University, London. While

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Hello there!
My name is Sarah Meyz, I am a pop singer and harmonica player from Brazil. Using my harmonica as my “secret weapon”, I am at a constant search for the abstract in music to give me an

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Versatile artist, Sarah Shields is involved in several projects, from pop/rock to alternative and electronic music. After four years spent in pop band Sarah and The Middlemen, Sarah is releasing her solo musical project and self produced with debut EP

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Sonia Tropicos is a self-taught and curious being exploring the different paths of artistic expression.
With a background of design and ceramics, music was always a passion, and so different sounds and electronic beats felt only natural once Tropicos started

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I’m a 35 year old Asian American female drummer/singer/songwriter/humanitarian/believer from NC. I’m an advocate and supporter of equal rights for all. I firmly believe every female and individual, of whichever gender, race, and other demographics should have an opportunity to

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Hey Everyone! I am a music producer and a female drummer from India. I want to spread good vibes with my music.

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tānāshāh is a musical project by Tanya Sharma, an Indian musician currently based in Canada. Growing up in the multicultural city of New Delhi, Tanya explored vocal performance in theatre, French choir, and Sufi music.

However, it was upon travelling

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Hi, I’m Taylor Kim. I’m a first year transfer student at UCLA, and I perform and create under the artist name VORA. I am a cello player and just started learning to produce two years ago. I’ve always wanted to

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This is the first time I’ve told this part of my story. I’m sharing it to show the personal significance of raising the visibility of and strengthening the female and gender-expansive community in music.

I’m a singer, songwriter, producer, and

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This is the first time I’m releasing a song that I did everything on myself! Dreamin’ Tonight was written, performed, produced, and mixed by Vicki Maldonado. This summer vibe song has 80’s throwback drums and is about fantasizing about that

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