Hit Like A Girl® And 9Beats™ Bring The Hit Like A Girl Contest To China.

With nearly 4 million female drummers in the country, it is said that there are more girl drummers in China than total drummers in the United States. To support these drummers— and encourage more girls throughout the world to play drums— Hit Like A Girl and leading drum educators 9 Beats have formed an alliance to bring the 2018 Hit Like A Girl contest for female drummers to China.

“The Chinese drumming community is already huge and there is a great potential for it to become huger,” comments HLAG Executive Director David Levine. “With 9 Beats experience and expertise Hit Like A Girl will be able to help grow the market within China and show the progress of China’s young drummers to the rest of the world.”

Hit Like A Girl China will be open to all female drummers and, while most Chinese drum competitions are conducted as live events, the HLAG China contest will be done by video entries that are uploaded to the Nine Beats App. To obtain the QR code to download the App, visit www.9beats.com.The China contest will feature Under 12, 13-18 and 18+ age divisions and prizes will include a US tour for the Champions as well as a variety of drum gear. A combination of top Chinese and international drummers will be enlisted as judges for the program.

For more information, please visit www.hitlikeagirlcontest.com and www.hitlikeagirlchina.qq.com

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