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Aisha Ellis is a Detroit native that began playing the drums at the age 13 years old after being influenced and inspired after seeing Sheila E. and Prince perform together the year before. She joined the band at her junior

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39 years of my live was absolutely simple, like other working moms: job, daily routine and family travel in annual holidays. But … on my 39 birthday my daughters gift was unexpected for me, cause it was certificate in Drumstars

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Debbie has been performing since age 13. She is an accomplished musician who has toured Nationally and locally for 4 decades. Debbie grew up in New Jersey at a a young age was exposed to many musical genres ranging from

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Diane Hirakawa – 2021 Hit Like a Girl – IMPACT theme
My passion for drumming began in middle school as a snare drummer in an all girl drum & bugle corps. I was an only child and being in a

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I’m an instructor of twenty five years. I have countless students and also too many contributions to our education system. After years of teaching in a specific circle of subjects, the energy and desire of difference in me started to

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I grew up in Southern Louisiana where marching bands in Mardi Gras parades made my heart race. My Dad would play Zydeco, Blues, and Jazz music on the record player while Mom provided pots, pans, spoons and bongos on the

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As a lifelong drummer with a music education, I appreciate the opportunity to participate in the Hit Like A Girl contest. I started playing at 8 years old with the support of my parents and grew up playing snare drum

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In 2016, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After undergoing bilateral mastectomies with reconstruction, I decided it was time to check boxes off my bucket list and learning to play the drums was at the top. I made a call

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Hi – my name is Jennifer Towns and I am thrilled to be entering this year’s Hit Like a Girl contest! I’ve been drumming for about three years now, and what started out as a fun hobby has of course

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Karen Newell has been playing and teaching drums and other percussion for most of her life. In addition to teaching marching drum lines and private lessons she is known for her creative approach to music which includes making and playing

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Salut à tous! Voici mon tout premier concours! Je pratique la batterie depuis 9 ans… J’ai pris quelques cours pendant un an mais suis autodidacte et non lectrice! J’ai commencé le jeu en groupe au bout de 6 mois de

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My name is Meltem. I was born in Izmir, Turkey. Currently I’ve been living and working in Istanbul as a graphic designer. I’ve bought my first electronic drum set almost 8 years ago, and drumming have become my passion since

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I attended my first live concert when I was 12, after hearing a band was in town that had a song on the radio I liked. I was so completely blown away by the energy and power of live music,

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I have been drumming for nine years. The itch to be a drummer started when I saw the preview for the movie “Hop” in 2011. I took my daughters to see that movie just to see the bunny play the

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When I was a kid I found some knitting needles. I used them to learn how to play drums to my radio. At school I signed up to be in the band. The teacher told me there were enough drummers

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Hi, I’m Niri.
About 4 years ago, I bought myself a 39th birthday present – a drum lesson, without any intention for something serious to happen, with no experience, and with lots of self-humor.
That evening I got back home

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Wanted to play drums since 1993. Was not able to afford a drum set till later. Was influenced by Steve Gad, Lars Ulrich, Steve Smith, Ginger Baker, Buddy Rich, etc. In High school joined Marching and Jazz band. Was diagnosed

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Hi,everybody! I like to use my stage name, Queenie, because it’s easier to pronounce. Since I am over 70 years, I fall into the category of Lost woman drummers, because growing up we were discouraged from and even denied the

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Hi from Türkiye , Ankara ! I met music at the age of 10 with piano lessons but it didn’t take long because of my basketball career. Till the age of 25 i just focused on sports. After i finished

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I am an engineer who drums as a hobby. My first drumming teacher told me that as a female drummer I have time only until the age of 40. Then I had a baby boy and I’ve started to drum

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Hi! I’m Terhi from Finland. I’ve been playing drums for a little over 3 years now so I’m a late starter to music. I first got into drums because my daughter wanted to learn to play and I got her

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I was born in Yamagata, Japan.
I started playing the piano from age six.
In university, I was in the collage of music.
I encountered the drums then.
After graduating from university,
I majored in drums at the YAMAHA Music

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