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2018 Hit Like A Girl Finalists Announced!

2018 Hit Like A Girl Finalists Announced!

The Hit Like A Girl international contest for female drummers is pleased to announce the names of the finalists in the 2018 competition. Drummers and percussionists in final round include players from the under-18 and 18-and-over age groups in the drumset, world, concert, marching and technology categories. In addition to the main contest covering entries from more than 50 countries around the world, local versions of the contest are also being held in China, France, Mexico and the UK. HLAG finalists will be judged by a group of the world’s top professional female and male drummers and will receive nearly $50,000 drums, drum accessories, scholarships and other awards from the world’s leading drum, media and education companies. The results of the contest will be announced on the Hit Like A Girl 2018 Awards Show airing in late May.

Drumset <18
Amelia Zollner
Ananya Patil
AP Tobler
Ashlyn Price
Bella Quaid
Casey Tichy
Delaney Jaster
Jamie-Leigh Schultz
Jeanne McWilliam
Kate Kuziakina
Katie Ream
Kayleigh Morpeth
Lindsey Salter
Mana Fukuda
Minji Kim
Momo Kawazoe
Najwa Raharema
Niveditha Ode Linda
Payton Taylor
Queen Drums
Roni Kaspi
Yoyoka Soma
Yuki Ogawa
Winners of the under-12 and 12-17 age groups from HLAG China are pending.

Drumset 18+
Audrey Stinson
Bruna Cassou
Calsey Tory
Celine Le Vu
Danielle Aslett
Jenny Pineda
Jiaqi Wang
Juanita Pelaez Villa
Lada Obradovic
Lisa Chepkovskaya
Mailen Eliges
Meg Wu
Mika Watanabe
Natalie DePergola
Ophelie Luminati
Paulina Vera
Peiying Li
Rodeline Anne Alvarez
Sarra Cardile
Sherry Gan
Shiri Burstein
Smyrna Itzel Calderon
Srishty Patidar
Susan Badillo
Winners of the 18-and-over age group from HLAG China are pending.

Marching Percussion <18
Kalonica Nicx
Kalyse Lee Conger

Marching Percussion 18+
Amanda Muse
Beauty and the Beats
Caroline Lima
Jamese Moses
Karen Newell
Melody Love
Yanki Au

Concert Percussion <18
Amanda DeFrees
Ava Machado
Caroline Weickardt
Daga Karandys
Gina Moy
Kalyse Lee Conger
Kalonica Nicx
Maia Foley
Sophia Suante

Concert Percussion 18+
Anna Layza de Souza
Chelsea Catalone
Maria Pena
Patricia Pedraza
Pauline Roberts
Sarah Haag
Sasha Berliner

World Percussion <18
Sammy Gonzalez

World Percussion 18+
Betsy Gain
Camellia Kies
Clare Martyn
Nasrine Rahmani

Technology <18
Alison Freed
Cait Iseri-Ramos
Carolina Woodruff
Gieneyra Lai
Maggie Johnson
Skylar Pirkey

Technology 18+
Aiani-Koli Mars
Angie Oase
Arielle Baptiste
Camellia Kies
Chenika Bowens
Claire Lim
Clare Martyn
Danielle Aslett
Georgia Atkinson
Jamie Billings
Jess Jacobs
Joi Wynn
Jovan Landry
Kelcie Winningham
Lauren Kop
Lenka Dundrova
Mandy Czuprynko
Marcella Fruehan
Michelle Hill
Muzikal Dunk
Paula Barouh
Paula Hernandez
Roberta Walker

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