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New Date For HLAG Awards Event: Online Voting Begins March 27, 2017

New Date For HLAG Awards Event: Online Voting Begins March 27, 2017

The Hit Like A Girl Contest has announced that online voting has been pushed back by a week due to the change in date for the 2017 Hit Like A Girls Awards Show.

During the online voting period from March 27 to April 9, 2017, fans across the world will be able to vote for the performer of their choice to become the Popular Winner of the contest. Additional winners will be chosen by celebrity judges and teachers in a variety of categories (see contest rules).

The contest awards show will take place on April 18 on Drum Channel at 6:00 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time. Guest hosts, judges, and artists will be on hand to view the finalist videos and announce winners in drum set, hand drum, concert, marching, and special categories.

A Flurry Of Last Minute Entries

Contest entries are closing. However, due to the volume of last-minute entries that must be processed, not all entrant videos will appear on the site until Wednesday March 15, 2017. With voting starting in 13 days, entrants have an opportunity to promote and share their videos to friends and fans on social media (with the hashtags #hitlikeagirl2017, #hitlikeagirlcontest, #hlagcontest #riseofrhythm).

Extra Time To Judge Videos

This schedule change has also helped to give the judges more time. According to Hayley Brownell, judging coordinator, “Due to the increase in the number of celebrity judges this year, it has taken more time for all of the artists, teachers, and industry personnel involved to evaluate each entrant.” To provide the best possible service to all contestants, we’ve delayed weekly winners announcement by up to a week.

How to Vote

Beginning on March 27 and ending on April 9, 2017 at 11:59 PM PDT, you’ll be able to sign in into your Hit Like A Girl or Facebook account to cast your vote on the Hit Like A Girl website. You may vote for each eligible video once per day. Vote totals will be reviewed and updated nightly.

Will video views and likes play a part of the criteria to be considered when being judged for our performance?

No, only the votes of the fans count during the public voting period. During the same time, celebrity and industry judges will determine the Champions, Runners-Up and Special Award recipients.

Please read our recent Note to get more details on the updated 2017 Contest Schedule as well as the voting and judging processes.

If you have questions about this process, send us a direct message or email us at

Thanks for your support!
– The Hit Like A Girl Team

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