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Hello, I’m Aybuke. I am 23 years old and live in Samsun. I’m an engineering master student. I started playing drums in December 2020. I hope you like it. Have fun!

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My name is Camila Mennitte P., I am 26 and I am from Argentina. I have been residing in the United States since 2014 and I am currently based in Chicago, IL. When I was 14 started my journey on

United States
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Having been raised in a family with musical background, Cana started to develop her love for music at a very young age. She would always play with spoon and fork, singing and pretending to be in a live performance every

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When I was 3 years old, I taught myself how to play the drums. I have been playing drums nonstop; it’s truly a love of mine. At my high school, Cleveland School of the Arts, I played drums for their

United States
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Danica Jane De Guzman has been very passionate about playing drums for the past 12 years, and professionally for the past four. She is considered to be one of the hardest-hitting female drummers in the Philippines.

At the early age

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Soy una baterista de Hermosillo, Sonora, México. Tengo 20 años y llevo 8 años tocando la batería.
En cuanto tuve una batería no me pude despegar de ella y sacaba y sacaba canciones. Comencé a tocar en la iglesia a

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Play drums about 10 years. First time it was just a hobby, then it became my biggest passion <3
Now work in the music school and have about 7 students there. Mostly play metal, experimenting with other genres from time

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Hello, my name is Emilie Mathey.

I started playing the drums at the age of 5 thanks to my father and this passion has never left me since then. I took classes and worked hard for several years, but above

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Mi nombre es Fer Alaniz, tengo 28 años, empecé a tocar la batería a los 17, a esa edad me encantaba RATM y más adelante Dave Weckl ha sido uno de los bateristas que me ha motivado para seguir creciendo

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Presently she is a certified “SCUDERIE CAPITANI MUSIC ACADEMY” drummer teacher.
Drum teacher and drum coordinator at BACKSTAGE ACADEMY.
She has worked and performed with : Gianluca Capitani (Steve Vai, Robben Ford), Anika Nilles (Opening act for the Italian Clinic

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Music has been in Isabelle’s blood since before she was born. Growing up in a musical family, she began piano lessons at age 4, and eventually picked up the drums at age 7, which quickly became her favorite and main

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While some develop talent, others are simply born gifted. Jaleacia, a young, fresh, electrifying 19 year old musician prone to be observed by the world, is proving herself to belong with the stars. Born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama, a

United States
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I am a drummer, multi-instrumentalist and producer from the city of Medellín (Colombia).
Since I was seven years old, and thanks to my family, I approached drums with passion and discipline from the very first moment.
I have worked on

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My name is Julissa Fano, and I am a musician from Lima, Peru. When I was 13, I decided that I wanted to be a musician and spend my life doing what I love; playing drums. I am currently 3

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Soy músico baterista autodidacta desde la edad de 15 años, toco otros instrumentos como la guitarra y el bajo; soy DJ y canto en diversos proyectos musicales también. Me he desempeñado como baterista profesional en giras, grabaciones, programas y conciertos

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Since I was a child I have always been fascinated by music and it seems that music and rhythm have become my passion. I remember when I was in 1st grade, I told my teacher that I wanted to be

Viet Nam
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Marcy Kimanzi is a female drummer & percussionist born in Nairobi, Kenya. She has grown her skills through emphasis on defined strokes and rhythmic grooves that come from a background of love for afro music.

She started playing the drum

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When I was 18 years old, I moved to the Bogota capital and started working in all the bars as a drummer.
Without knowing anyone and with great perseverance and living from music, playing in the street I managed to

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A Berklee College of Music educated drummer with 25 years of experience who has performed across multiple genres with a particular focus on jazz, funk, christian and latin music. Groove, sensitivity and versatility are qualities that describe her as a

United Kingdom
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Montse IM (Montserrat Iñiguez Macias) is a female drummer born in Guadalajara, Mexico on June 5 of 1999.

When she started in music as a child, drums always caught her attention, until several years later she realized that it was

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My name is Rebekah Rayner and I’m a 23 year old drummer based in London. I first picked up the drums when I was 6 years old and have not been able to keep away since. My influences include Dave

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Hello!! I’m an 18 years old Japanese girl who wants to be a good drummer. I will practice a lot and do my best to become a full-fledged drummer.

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Vania started playing Chinese drums at the age of 12 and then moved on to drumset when she was 16. Her love and passion for rhythm would bring her to Humber College, majoring in Jazz Performance. When Vania is not

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Veve Wolf, aka ‘Veronika Svecova, has been drumming for thirteen years, quickly developing
a solid, energetic modern style that incorporates an abundance of groove, creativity and
energetic power.

With a particular lean towards contemporary elements ranging from Metalcore, Heavy

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My name is Wiktoria Bialic. I’m from Poland and I’m 21 years old. My adventure with music has began with a musical school which I attended for 12 years.I played on: marimba, vibraphone, timpani. Nobody taught me how to play

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