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Molly Flores (<18)

Molly Flores (<18)

Name: Molly Flores
Category: Drumset
Age: 16
Location: Rosenberg, Texas, United States

My name is Molly Flores, I have been playing drums since I was about 10 years old. I started by playing the game RockBand and found mysellf always gravitating towards the drums. I am in a band with my sister called StarFlightRocks and we have opened up for people like LA Guns, Puddle Of Mudd, and Scott Stap of Creed to name a few. I have recently been offered an endorsement with Salyers percussion, and I have also been on snare line all three years ive been in high school so far. This is my second year competing in the HLAG contest and I am super excited to find out the results. Thank you, Enjoy!!!!

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  1. Love your beautiful smile Miss Molly!!! You always look like you are having fun when you get behind those drums! It just makes anyone watching you wanna join in on the good time going on! ✌🏻❤🤙🏼


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