Toni McVey

Name: Toni McVey
Category: Drumset
Age: 19
Location: Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

My name is Toni McVey and I have been self taught for 7 years and started receiving lessons last year when i began studying music at Edinburgh Napier University . Music is my true passion and everything i do involves creating music. I currently play in an Indie dream pop band 'SKJØR' and many other bands. I have also done a lot of session work in various different genres playing many festivals such as 'Tennement Trail' and 'BBC 6 Radio Music Festival'. I have even played with the 'Red Hot Chilli Pipers' at the Tattoo in Switzerland. In addition, I also play marching snare with Stockbridge Pipe band in Edinburgh competing in all major competitions around the UK. Musical theatre 'pit' work is also something I enjoy doing and I have played in many musicals. In my spare time I also love teaching, I am just starting to build up a small number of students to teach drums too which i love doing!
As i couldn't decide on a particular song/genre i chose to do a mix of that. Hope you enjoy!




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  2. Awesome

  3. Good choice of songs to show off your considerable talents. Well done!

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      Many thanks, appreciate your kind words!

      • Snarky Puppy originated just up the road from where I live in Texas, at the University of North Texas, which has the finest undergraduate jazz program in the US. Its undergrad band named One O’Clock Lab band has been nominated for Grammy awards multiple times.

  4. I did enjoy


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