Georgia Atkinson

Name: Georgia Atkinson
Category: Drumset
Age: 17
Location: Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

I first picked up a pair of sticks at the age of 10 and haven't put them down since. Since then I've gigged around South Wales, played at a few festivals and jammed at every chance I've gotten. I also play guitar, bass and keys (self taught) and make my own music which is currently on soundcloud ( Rocking out is all I want to do. I'm currently in 6th form studying music technology, art and drama. You could say I'm the creative type. I'm influenced by classic and strange artists, my taste goes from Steve Jordan funking it up for Mayer to Josh Manuel wrecking it for Issues to Matt Johnson for St Vincent.




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    Well done Georgia! Fantastic skill with the sticks ! We are your latest fans. We remember your grand parent,Kathy with her drum kit and have always marvelled at her sense of rhythm . You obviously have those same genes which is lovely to know.
    Very best of luck for your future.
    John and Susan.
    (Your mum was our bridesmaid at our wedding back in 1976!)

    • Profile photo of Georgia Atkinson

      Thank you so much! It really means a lot 🙂 Hope things are good with you both, wishing you the best.

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    So are there any other web links for clips of you drumming?

    • Profile photo of Georgia Atkinson

      I am going to upload more gradually to my YouTube but I currently have a few short clips on my Instagram account, I will keep you updated!

  3. if u havent your sticks down for seven yrs how do u brush your teeth


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    Love it. Just love it. Big fan.

  5. Wow, what energy and creativity, all so beautifully timed! Well done and every good wish for your future.

  6. Beautiful, Georgia… great rhythm, feel, and groove (from one of your grandparents’ music friends in the US)! Keep working and playing… congratulations!


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